30 in 30: Day 3 - Hands

Hands can be so beautiful and expressive, and I've seen some really great photos of hands. Don't you love this one, for example? I think I had that in the back of my mind when I set out to do yesterday's assignment, which was hands. However, seeing as Nick and I more or less changed guard duties at the door last night, there wasn't much time for heartfelt family photo sessions. Which left it down to me and Espen. Which, in turn, left it down to me trying to take photos of a squirmy toddler's hands as he tried to get the camera from me to see the "baby" that lives inside. This is what I came up with:

Under the circumstances, I'm pretty happy with it. It touches my little mother-heart, and am sure I will enjoy looking back at it in years to come. It's strange to think that one day that little hand will be bigger than mine.

Then, this morning Espen asked to get the "crats" (crayons) so we could "a color". He likes to sit on my lap at the kitchen table while we both draw on a huge sheet of paper. Sometimes he'll ask me to draw something like flowers, trees, boats, houses, etc., and then he improves/embellishes/scribbles on my drawings to his little heart's content. Espen likes it when we trace around our hands, and asked me to do it today. "A hand? A hand? Mama?" So I did.

I think I almost like this one a little better. It's like a tiny moment, frozen in time. I can guarantee you that we won't have the actual piece of paper in years to come (as of right now, I'd be impressed if it made it through the week), but now we have the photo to remind us of a time when there was nothing Espen liked better than to sit in his mama's lap and color.

I have company! Go check out Tana's 30 Photos in 30 Days here. Same idea, different photos.


  1. Precious! I love both of them, too.

  2. Thanks, dear. I always forget the asking if you don't mind ahead of time part. Apparently, you don't. That's a good thing. :) I think this challenge is a great idea, don't you?


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