Toddler activities: Week 2

A quick update on what we did last week:

A field trip: We didn't do one. Partially because I knew this week was going to be really busy, and partially because I was just all kinds of off my game last week. No good reason, I just couldn't seem to get it together all week long. This week is much better!

A play date: Espen has a cute little girlfriend in the neighborhood (actually, he has a couple!), and she has her very own bounce house! S and her mom brought it over and set it up on the grass outside our house. Espen was in toddler heaven! His only other bounce house experience involved a lot of much older kids, so he kept getting squished and bounced on. No fun! This time, he was fearless and soon learned how to go down the little slide and scramble back up again on his own. It was so fun to see Espen enjoy a new activity so much!

An ambitious activity: We're trying to soak up the last days of summer, and have been spending a lot of time outside. Espen loves playing in his little pool, but I always put off doing it because it is kind of a hassle. But summer is going fast, so on Monday I bit the bullet and got it all set up. And of course it was worth it, because Espen had a wonderful time splashing in the water and playing outside. We'll definitely be doing that again while the weather is still warm enough.

Crazy-eyed fun!

What have you been doing with your kids lately?


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