Goodbye, Grandma Jo.

We are headed out of town on a little errand of sadness this weekend. Nick's sweet little Grandma Jo has passed away at the age of 101, and we are going to Las Vegas to attend her funeral.

We will miss our visits with her every time we go to St. George, and how welcome and loved she always made us feel. I only knew her for the last few years of her life, but feel grateful to have known and loved her. We're especially grateful that Espen had the chance to meet her. He might not remember her, but we can tell him that his great-grandma thought he was a beautiful boy, and was always pleased to see him.

Although we will miss seeing her, we're grateful for our strong belief that there is a life after this one. It's a happy thought to imagine Grandma Jo reunited with the love of her life, riding off into the sunset on her beloved horse Banjo, and all her little dogs at their heels.

And of course there will be lots of time for this:


  1. RIP Words are hard to say but hugs i will send to all of you :-)

  2. Grandma Jo! I've never met her, but I love her already. Clearly a classy dame. Thoughts of Sympathy to you and Nick and little Espen - it's hard to be left behind when the good ones move on - but I whole heartedly second your pleasure at the thought of her being reunited with her sweetheart and riding off into the sunset on Banjo.

    Wonderful tribute, friend.

  3. Oh that last picture made me want to cry. She sounds like she was a beautiful person.
    Blessings, Joanne


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