30 in 30: Day 2 - My favorite shoes

It's things like this that make me love being a blogger. How else could a 30-something mother from Spanish Fork justify having her own little photo shoot in the backyard? Why else would I put on my winter boots in 90 degree weather? How else would I know how impossible it is to contort yourself into a position that allows you to get a decent shot of said boots on your own feet?

Eventually I had to give up on being my own model (I think your kind comments from last night's post went to my head! ), and prop them up to get a photo. I don't know if they're my favorite shoes per se, but I do know that when I saw them hiding coyly in the back of the closet the other say, I got all excited for winter. Don't you love the fluffy tassels? I love the fluffy tassels.

I am doing 30 photo posts in 30 days, as found in this photo challenge. Please let me know if you feel inspired to join me - I'd love to see your posts!


  1. Oh my gosh.
    I have refreshed the page four times, and opened it in a new window, if the picture doesn't load soon I may cry.
    I'll have to restart my computor, must see shoes.

  2. Finally.
    I had to restart, it was a terrible three minutes, I love the tassels, love 'em, it is honestly like the pit of winter over here at the moment, I have been wearing my winter boots for three days straight.

  3. Love 30 Day Challenges!!! I just may have to play this fun little game too! And cute boots!


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