Thursday was just one of those days. Not only did my kitchen look like something Dante would have gladly devoted a couple of cantos to, but Thursday also marked the very first time Espen spat up in my hair. Oh joy.

Clearly, the opportunity for a little self-indulgence could not have come at a better time.

Anyone who has read this blog for a while will be familiar with me rabbiting on about how much I love flowers. And I really do! I just think a bunch of fresh flowers really brightens up a room. And my day. But even though they make me ever so extremely happy, I've never actually bought flowers for myself.

I corrected that with a quick trip to the grocery store where I bought myself a cheerful bunch of happy for not much more than the price of a magazine. Added bonus: the flowers have been acting as extra motivation to keep my kitchen clean so it can act as a pretty backdrop. Even the stray flower that broke off was rescued and used as motivation for me to (finally!) try out the manual settings on the camera:

Ironically, this photo also serves as a great showcase of our tragically empty flower beds outside. Oh well. If I can't have flowers outside, I can have them inside! :)


  1. I love flowers too!! I feel like I'm the only one who feels this way. Glad I'm not alone :) I told John that once we're past the budget-crazy coupon-clipping part of our lives (hopefully there will be an end to it, right?), I am totally buying flowers regularly. I love flowers!!

    Oh, and I have experienced the spit-up in hair many times--once in the middle of a piano lesson that I was teaching. It is not a happy occasion. Ick.


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