Project Service Project, August: Hygiene kit

Putting together a hygiene kit was very quick, inexpensive and extremely easy: two hand towels, two bars of hypo-allergenic soap, two combs, four tooth brushes and a tube of toothpaste. Throw it in a ziplock bag. Boom. Done. It cost me about $6-7 and was literally done in minutes. The most time consuming part was washing the towels, and that was hardly backbreaking work.

These kits are given to disaster victims throughout the world who are often in a situation where they have lost everything but the clothes on their back. Although it is something so small, it just seems like being handed soap and a clean towel would go so far towards making you feel like a human being again. A little dignity restored after going through what can only feel like hell.

I'm so happy to think that my tiny contribution can maybe go a little bit of the way towards helping someone back on their feet again.

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  1. Do you know where to send hygiene kits once that are assembled? Are there any other service projects that are needed in November? Our church also wants to do a service project?


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