Project Service Project, August: One week to go!

Now that the last few weeks of first me, then Espen being out with a cold, followed by a week-long visit from Nick's brother, followed by some serious anniversary festivities are behind us, I am getting back in the blogging saddle again!

Things are progressing pretty well with my humanitarian kits. I have one hygiene kit ready to go, and all I have to do for the school kit is make the bag for it to go in. The newborn kit, however, is proving to be a pain in the ear because 1) there is so much sewing to do, 2) I keep striking out as far as getting the right kind of fabric for the infant gown. Also, I'm having a super hard time finding diaper pins to go with the flat fold diapers. Argh!

On the upside, however, I was able to do most of my hygiene and school kit shopping at the dollar store, which definitely helped keep the costs down. And, with a bit of careful thought and hunting around, I didn't feel like I ended up with a bunch of cheap and nasty stuff either.

I got more than I needed for one of each kit, though, and almost have enough for a second school kit. So, if you're in the area and feeling generous, here's what I need to complete a second kit:
  • 1 box pre-sharpened or unsharpened assorted colored pencils (approximately 7" long, about 12 pencils to a box)
  • 450 pages of paper in glued or spiral-bound notebooks or letter-size legal pads, all with lined sheets. Sheet sizes 8 ½" by 11", 8" by 10 ½", and 8 ½" by 11 ¾" are acceptable (no more than 6 notebooks or pads per kit).
And, if you're feeling especially awesome:
  • 1 durable cloth bag made of heavy fabric, sewing instructions found here.

I'll be spending a lot of the week in front of the sewing machine, so I will try to post some photos as I go.

And please come back on Saturday when I'll be posting the details about an upcoming giveaway sponsored by CNS stores. It's going to be a good one, so don't miss out!


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