Lunch Lady

I started my week of self-indulgence by cooking myself lunch. I know, big deal, right? Actually, yes it really is.

On any given day, my lunch generally consists of two slices of toast with something on them, or, if I'm lucky, leftovers. These meals are almost always prepared and eaten in a hurry because I'm starving after waiting to eat when Espen is asleep, or Espen is awake and needs my attention, or I'm trying to eat quickly so I'll have time to take care of something else during nap time. The fact that I have to eat at all usually makes lunch more of an annoyance than a pleasure.

That's why taking the time to actually cook something for myself really was a bit of a self-indulgence. I made an omelette with ham and my extra-special birthday cheese. Bless my in-laws who know just what a girl wants (what a girl needs). Then I buttered up a round of toast, set the table (with a pretty napkin and everything!), got out the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens, poured my self a tall glass of milk,and... WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Ran upstairs to get Espen from his nap.

But undaunted, I put Espen on his baby gym next to the kitchen table, and let him play while I ate my lunch and read an article about a couple in Williamsburg, VA and their cottage-inspired garden (fancy!). For a few freeze-frame moments, all was quiet bliss. Happy baby, happy (and fed) mama.

Then unfreeze and... go, mama, go!


  1. story of my life! and lately, feeding myself is more of a chore than ever, as nothing looks good...

    although i could REALLY go for some of that birthday cheese! yummo!

  2. Sounds like you did your best to take some time out. Maybe Espen was jealous? lol

  3. that sounds lovely!- i need to find the initative to start eating good, the holidays are a tempting time!- hope you get to do it more often!


    And it's good for Espen, too. :)

  5. Liz: First trimester + food = never a good combination. I feel your pain!

    Tess: Sometimes I think he is jealous of anything I like :)

    Madsta: It was quite tasty. I think that learning to eat well is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

    Stepper: Thanks! I know, it's important to take care of the mamas so they can take care of the babies!


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