Sneaking in a quick read and then some.

We love books. We have stacks of them, our bookshelves heave with them. When he was still just a twinkle in his daddy's eye, Espen already owned more books than a lot of people will in a lifetime. I love how they look, I love how they feel, I love how they smell. Mm-mm, books! We are just bookish people.

Which is why it's a little surprising that I don't actually read a whole lot.

My days just get away from me. I spend my mornings and afternoons taking care of Espen and trying to conquer the Sisyphean challenge of keeping our house running. And then the evenings come and all I want to do is spend every. single. second. with Nick. This doesn't leave a lot of time for cozying up with books.

And that is why, when Espen was sleeping and the washing machine was going, I crawled into bed with a book. Oh, the peace and quiet! Oh, the surreptitious hedonism of slipping between the sheets in the middle of the day! Oh, the double decadence of waking up 45 minutes later and realizing I had actually taken a nap as well!

It doesn't take much these days to float my boat.

Image borrowed here. Me and Marilyn = basically the same person.


  1. ooh tamsin, my kinda post, i LOVE books!- I can't afford to keep buying them at the rate I read them though!- next on my list is the red queen by philippa gregory, not sure if its out yet...:( what did you read? oh i just love books!

  2. Du skriver så nydelig! I love books too! Nettopp ferdig med Eat pray love. Lest den? Fin :)

  3. You have perfectly described one of the best things in life. Only when I do that I have to top it off by eating a little chocolate. Perfect.

  4. Crawling in bed with a good book is the best!

  5. Madsta: That's what libraries are for :)

    Speilvendt: Takk i like måte! Jeg har smuglest bloggen din lenge og kost meg med ordene dine.
    Og jeg har faktisk også akkurat lest ferdig Eat Pray Love! Skal se filmen neste uke - litt skeptisk :)

    Meghan- I mean, North5: That is why you are the master and I am the novice. Chocolate makes everything better!

    Vegan: I know, right !?! I should do that more often :)


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