Chore Chart Week: Thursday

Thursday was meant to be Choose Your Own Adventure day, and I had big plans to get some yard work done. However, the adventure that my body chose for me was to spend the afternoon in a ball on the couch, only pausing to make the occasional dash for the bathroom. Lovely.

My biggest accomplishment for the day, besides keeping Espen clean, clothed and fed, was lugging the pot of petunias from outside the front door and into the back yard. I planted five little pink and purple petunia plants in April, and they grew and grew and grew all summer long. By the end of September they are now a bedraggled mess, but seeing as they are still alive and flowering, I can't quite bring myself to getting rid of them yet. However, that doesn't mean I have to subject the entire neighborhood to my sentimentalities, so said petunias are now declining in dignity in the privacy of the back yard. I also managed to water whatever is still alive in our flower beds, but beyond that brief stint, yesterday was not my most productive day ever.

Oh well.

However, I did manage to complete my seventh knitted cap for Caps for Good last night, which I am quite happy about! September is officially over, but I am debating making a few more while I watch General Conference this weekend. They're so quick and easy to make, and 10 sounds like such a nice, round number, don't you think? You can see a couple of them in the photo. Espen is such a supportive little guy, don't you think? :)

Also, check out Nancy's post about Caps for Good here. I love the little kitty ears on her hat!

And while we're talking about Project Service Project, I would love to hear your ideas for what I could do in the coming months. I'm basically up for anything that's not a long term commitment, and that I can complete in a month or less. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. I can't get over how sweet that little Espen is!! His eyes just kill me.

  2. Adorable picture! " . . . decline in dignity" --love it!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, your baby is adorable.

  4. Espen is probably the cutest baby alive!

    Also, sorry to hear you're sick--that's what I've been doing today...running to the bathroom. :)

  5. my lord!!! espen må være den søteste kiden jeg har sett! så liten :)


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