Outside Week: Walky Thursday

I swear I picked the worst possible week to do this, because all of my posts are about dodging the rain! And of course next week is supposed to be sunny and warmer. Oh well, if we can do this under difficult circumstances, then surely we can keep it up when the sun comes out?

The moral of yesterday's story is to seize the moment, make hay while the sun shines. quit being a procrastinating fool and just get outside. The weather in the morning and early afternoon was fairly decent (i.e. not wet), but I just wasn't feeling it for getting the stroller out, bundling us both up and trudging through the neighbourhood. Neither of us had gotten much sleep (as evidenced by the serious bags under my eyes in the photo), and Espen was grumpy, grumpy, grumpy. Come to think of it, so was I.

This is a little bleak, isn't it?

Then, when Espen had had his nap (and an extra one!), we were both feeling a lot more cheerful and ready for action. But the weather had other plans, and was still bucketing out of the sky. So we stayed inside. Four o'clock rolled around, which any parent will tell you is the trickiest time of the day, and we were getting desperate. So when I spotted a break in the rain, we bolted out the door. Knowing we didn't have a lot of time on our hands, I put Espen in the Ergo, and headed off. It was actually nice having him snuggled up against me in the baby carrier, because it was a bit on the cold and windy side, and we were probably both glad of some extra warmth. Not that our little arctic monkey minds the cold. At all.

All we had time for was a quick gallop around the pond before the rain started up again, but it did still feel good to get out and clear the cobwebs a bit. It's good to remind myself (again and again) that we don't need to do big and extravagant things together to have a good time.


  1. Where's his hat? The child is half-norwegian, and as you well know, norwegian children are almost born with a hat on. He hasn't got one???
    Knit one, Mummy!

  2. you two are adorable, i definetly need to get out and about more!


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