Halloween Week: TV Specials

Last night we Halloweened it up by watching some of this:

And a little bit of this:

We laughed hard.

You can watch them too (at least you can if you live in the US.) Here!

We are heading out of town for our second annual North family Halloween-a-thon in Southern Utah (Read about the first one here). I'm not sure how computery I'll be while we're gone, but there will indeed be updates on Monday.

Happy Halloween!

Image borrowed here and here.


  1. I want the recipe for those witch finger treats you guys made at the north family halloween extravaganza last year! Is that a sharable recipe? Mmmmmm . . . fingers . . .

  2. I watch the Office. And the beginning of the Office this week was HILARIOUS! I don't always "LOL" while watching it, but there was no stopping me yesterday! I love Stanley!

  3. There's still time to make Nanowrimo your November project. Just saying. You know you want to . . . . . =0)


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