Outside Week: Ducky Tuesday

One of the things I very first fell in love with with our house is how close it is to a duck pond. Being a transplant to the desert from a much wetter climate, it has meant a lot to me to have some form of water nearby, even if it is a bit green and sludgy. And even after two years of living here, the ducks still remain a bit of a novelty to me!

Yesterday's outdoor adventure came in the form of an expedition to feed the ducks. It has to be said that Espen has led a very sheltered life where animals are concerned: he has met Ellie the Dog and Frances the Cat, and that is pretty much it. So you can imagine that ducks were quite the novelty. As you can see in the photo, I don't think Espen's eyes left the ducks for a second. When he's interested in something, he gets this solemn, focused look on his face that just kills me. And you guys know how willing he is to ham it up for the camera!

The whole endeavor took about twenty minutes, and cost us a couple of heels of bread. In addition to the fun of a new experience for Espen, it also felt really good to get outside and breathe some fresh air in between the rain showers. We did feel a few rain drops when we were walking home, but the clouds were nice enough to hold off until we were inside before they got down to business.

So, tell me: how do you try to get some outside time?


  1. I'm glad to see that our little hot-house bloom has got some fresh air at last. And those are MY ducks, I watch them from the window of MY bedroom. I don't mind you feeding them though.

  2. How fun that that's right by your house! I think Jonathan would love to feed the ducks--we should go do that sometime soon.


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