30 in 30: Back from beyond the grave.

Clearly I fell off the wagon on this one, but clearly we're going to ignore that little fact as I put forth a Herculean effort to put this baby to bed. Capisce?

*cough cough*

Day 12: Sun flare
The sun in the sky this afternoon in Spanish Fork, Utah. 

Day 15: An action shot
Nick and Espen on the slide at the park. 

Day 17: Bokeh
Just beyond my little scope! Here's a good tutorial, though. 

Day 18: Eyes
My eye. Gettin' a little artsy there.

Day 19: Summertime
Espen playing at the splash pad in Spanish Fork, Utah. 

Day 20: Water
Bridal veil falls, Provo canyon, Utah. 

Day 21: Micro (up close)
A warm giraffe in the sunshine at Hogle Zoo. 

Day 22: Landscape
Kinderdijk, Netherlands. 

Day 23: Black and white
Wheal Peevor, Cornwall, England. 

Day 24: Love
I've always loved this statue and what it represents at Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway. 

Day 25: Citrus
Orange tree at the flower market in Amsterdam. 

Day 26: Favorite color
 Not to toot my own knitting horn, but I really love this shade of red. 

Day 27: My weakness
These two. Seriously. 

Day 28: Transportation 
Espen and Granny at the Railway Museum in Hamar, Norway. 

Day 29: Trees
Statue trees at Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway. 

Day 30: Family
Just the three of us being silly on the stairs one day. 

 Phew! It feels good to get that taken care of! Granted, some of the photos are from "the archives", and weren't taken specifically for this photography challenge, but I think we'll all live. Right guys?

And now for something completely different! I'll be back.


  1. Great work! Now its time for Icecream!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. That's an impressive collection of snapshots! I'm too easily distracted to commit to 30 straight days of...probably anything... :-D Well done!

  3. Masse fine bilder!!! Men jeg syns ikke de kommer til sin rett.. du burde sette dem til lik bredde som bloggen din, ellers blir de så små, dessuten ser det jo bedre ut når alle bildene er i samme str. Bare et tips :D

    Fint å høre din mening ang norsk/engelsk. Du har jo tydeligvis mange engelske lesere, må være kjekt. Tror jeg kommer til å gå for engelsk.. fint å utfordre meg selv på en ny måte også, med engelsken. Og norsken holder jeg jo vedlike på Speilvendt.

    Takk for at du kommenterte!! Setter stor pris på å høre din mening!! <3


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