Backwards weekend

And I'm not just saying that because we spent it in Hurricane, UT. My laptop is having some issues, so I am going to write about each day in order, and then post Friday's photos later* because they haven't made it onto Photobucket yet.

Friday was hot, and mostly spent stressing about getting ready and what to pack, and then in the car on the way down to Nick's parents. We were driving down to go to Nick's brother Dustin's wedding on Saturday, and to spend the weekend with family. I tried taking some road trip photos on the way down (don't judge me for my giant strawberry limeade! It was hot!), but mostly things were pretty uneventful. Until they weren't.

Yup, that is our tire. I don't know if you can tell, but the hole is actually just below the word "Assurance". Nice. We didn't actually realize anything was up until we got off the freeway and were driving through town. About five blocks from Nick's parents house we suddenly heard a thump-thump-thump sound that seemed to be coming from the front left tire, so we carefully drove the rest of the way, and got out to take a look. At first everything looked fine, until Nick noticed a bubble the size of a softball on the inside edge of the tire. The size of a softball! We freaked out a little bit, and then went inside to tell Nick's parents about it. Ten minutes later Nick's brother Andy and family pulled up, and were unloading their car when they suddenly heard a loud BANG! From our tire. If we had taken ten more minutes getting there, that would have happened on the freeway. Scary!

*edit* Obviously the photos are up now! :)


  1. I heard about your scary blowout! I hope everything got all fixed. Obviously if you are home safe now! hehe I can't wait to see the pictures and yes you are right Hurricane could make your weekend prety backwards!

  2. Oh my gosh! Glad you're alright! How scary! I hope the rest of the weekend was fun though!

  3. Hahahahahahhahaha!!! I just got your comment and...yes, I did go skinny dipping over the weekend :P My roommate went when she went to the river a while ago and said it was so fun so me and her and our other roommate and our relief society president went up to deer creek and went skinny dipping! Hahahahah! I'll post it in a bit here when I get the pictures from my camera to my computer (Don't worry, I did not take pictures of us actually skinny dipping, just like pics in the car and stuff like that)


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