As we were going out to dinner with friends tonight, I went the dessert route and made Havreflarn, which is a fairly traditional Norwegian oat cookie. I haven't eaten them in years, let alone made them, so it was fun to make something that tasted so much like home.

They're super easy to make, as long as you don't let it weird you out too much that the "dough" is pretty much the same consistency as really runny oatmeal (it's supposed to look like that!) and if you take into account how much each glob runs. Because I don't really want to translate and convert the measurements in the recipe I used, I found one online that is pretty much identical to mine, only they added almonds. I love nuts, so I'd be all for that. Or, they sell them at IKEA, so you could just go and buy some. I loved eating mine with a tall glass of milk and feeling like a little Norwegian kid again. :)

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  1. Yet another trat the Dutch might like! Good stuff! I will try this sometime soon!

  2. Well, pleasing the Dutch is what I'm here for :)


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