A long farewell to my greatness*

My dear little readers!
I wont be updating my blog again until Sunday, because we are going on a lovely little anniversary trip! Nick is leaving work early, and we are going to drive down to Cedar City to watch us some Shakespeare! And Moliere :) I will give you an update when we get back on my cultural activities.
As for the wedding at the Springville Museum of Art (or SMA, as their trendy little t-shirts in the gift shop proclaim) it was a little bit of a disappointment in that they had closed off the permanent exhibit, so our highbrow activities were limited to the 35th annual quilt show. Now, I want you to know that my art appreciating abilities are stretchy, and last night I stretched them to quilts. Last night I appreciated, colour, form, detail, style, balance and rhythm. Actually, I mostly got in really close, looked at the hundreds of thousands of tiny little quilting stitches and exclaimed: "Holy crap! Do you have any idea how long that would take?" Yeah, not really a quilter.

*Henry The Eighth Act 3, scene 2, 350–358


  1. haha when I read your last blog I though, "I bet the exhibit will be closed off"! Sad day! Well at least you got to "Streatch" for some awesome quilting viewings. BTW I am terrible and just now noticed I am the blog of the week! How sweet. I wish I had seen that I would have blogged more often this week! haha Don't worry one pretty interesting, culture filled, one will be up today!


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