Sunday - the end of week two!

Sunday was a pretty mellow day. We went to church, and then took Nick's brother Cody to go and visit tiny little Grandma Jo, who will be 99 in December! Isn't she beautiful?

I'm adding this photo of her with Nick and Cody so you can get a better sense of scale and her true tininess. I think she was about 4'11" at her tallest, and, being 98, has shrunk quite a lot since then. The thought of picking her up and carrying her around is almost irresistible, and if she wasn't so frail, I think we'd all do it.

After that we went to the temple to get some shots of a photo project I'm working on.

Temples are admittedly pretty easy to work with. They sit still, and are beautiful from just about everything angle. When you add the super blue St. George sky to the equation, along with my natural bias from the fact that we got married there, I think these turned out rather well.

And that concludes week two! Next up: A new recipe every day. Sometime this week, I will also adding a new "Featured Blog" section to the bar on the right where you can learn about other some of the other blogs I read.


  1. The picture with Nick, Cody, and Grandma is priceless! They all look great in it! I miss my little granny!


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