Swimmy Swim Swimmington

The only downside to going to the gym in the mornings is that Nick never gets to come. We'd have to get up much too early for my liking to do that, and I do ever so like my bed in the mornings. To rectify this situation, Nick and I went swimming last night. Can I just say that I love to swim? I'm slow and not very good, and get self conscious about doing anything other than back- or breaststroke, but I just love being in the water. I think I like the same things about swimming that I do about yoga: it's unhurried and controlled, all you have to focus on is your breath and the movement of your body. In spite of being a lazy and self indulgent sort of person, I never turn down an opportunity to go swimming.
Neither did anyone else in Utah valley last night, it seemed. The pool, hot tub and steam room were packed with hordes of young guys. It seems Michael Phelps has done his job as far as inspiring the youth of this nation to get wet. I've never seen so many people at the pool at 9:30 on a Thursday night! Although I suppose that might just be because I rarely go to the gym at 9:30 on any night :)
This morning Jen and I went to the gym again. I added a minute to my time on the elliptical trainer (now a whopping 11 minutes!), and did 15 minutes on the bikes. It felt good, but it was harder to get going today than it has been throughout the week. I still managed to work up a good sweat, though. After that we went to work on the weight machines. I have about zero upper body strength, so I thought I might try working on my arms today. And guess what? I have about zero upper body strength! It was seriously embarrassing how little I could lift, or how few repetitions I could do of each one. If I do keep this up, I'll have to get back to that. I mean, I might have to lift or hold something at some point, and then where would I be?
This week has felt good. I'm a little stiff and sore today, especially in my legs, but overall I feel like I've had more energy and desire to do things. We usually spend our evenings watching movies or relaxing at home, but this week we've been out and about a bit more than usual, not to mention going swimming late last night! I'm a little concerned about what I'll be able to do this weekend, though. Saturdays and Sundays fill up so fast for us, and it's important to me to keep Sunday special, but I really want to try to squeeze in some exercise so I can feel like I've done this week "right". Any ideas?


  1. Did you realize that your blog kind of sounds like that series of Zombie movies that is all the rage with the young folks today? I digress...

    So I think a good Sunday activity is always nature walks. Like somewhere up the Provo Canyon or even up Rock Canyon. They are beautiful spots and you can sing hymns while you bounce along, tra la la la la.

  2. Oh sorry I meant the title of your blog, not the contents. Zombies are not nearly this amped up about new projects, they pretty much stick to things like eating brains and scaring people and making moaning noises. Maybe you could do that for one of your weekly projects?

  3. Caren is funny....So are you! I think its good for your muscles to repair with a day of rest. Or so I have heard. As long as you get back into it you will be just fine! P.s. I LOVE swimming too!


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