Saturday - Dustin & Dani's wedding

The wedding started out great with Nick's parents forgetting their camera, Andy's (Nick's brother) camera being broken, and us
discovering that our camera battery was about to die. This meant that all the North family wedding photography fell to me and our fading battery. Lesson learned. A few favourite shots from the wedding:

I like this one of Nick's mom and our sweet little niece Abi, even if she does look a little apprehensive. It was taken before she warmed up to the situation and started running around like she owned the place.

One of the most exciting things about this wedding was that we gain a very cute little new nephew, Gavin. He was a bit skeptical about all of the new people, and felt most comfortable with a couple of fingers in his mouth.

More Abi. She's just cute!


  1. Yeah Bloggage with photos! Cute! The last pic of Abigale is my favorite! She looks so grown up!


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