Emily Dickinson & the New York Times crossword puzzle

Good thing this is a weekly blog, seeing as it's already Thursday and I haven't posted anything yet. But fear not, I have been highbrow and snobbish all week.
I started out on a high note on Monday by reading some Emily Dickinson poetry and thinking about death. Or, to be perfectly honest, about her wish that her "coffin [was] not driven but carried through fields of buttercups" on its way to the cemetery. I really think that's the way to go.

Yesterday I did the New York Times crossword puzzles and only missed 7 words, which made me feel pretty smartypantsed. There was a baseball clue that I couldn't figure out, but I personally feel that only adds to my intellect. And I didn't know what the New Hampshire prep school was, which perhaps does not.
The more discerning among you may have noticed that I didn't mention Tuesday, and that is because Tuesday was an extremely busy and pretty rough day where I didn't have time to do anything at all, high brow or otherwise. Which raises the question: Do I have to do something every day for a week long project to count? What do you think?

Tonight we're going to a wedding at the Springville Museum of Art, so I am going to kill two birds with one stone and think some very intellectual thoughts about their art while I am there. If you're extra lucky, I might even write a post about it when we get back.


  1. Was the NH prep school Exeter?

  2. Wow impressive. No I don't think you should have to post daily for week long projects! Though, we really enjoy it when you do! hehe

  3. Oooh, Amy, I think you're right! It was six letters long, and the 4th letter was a 'T', but I couldn't get Tilton to work. Next time I'll consult you! :)


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