My first trainwreck: Fiskekaker

As a combination of Cody the Fish Lover visiting, and a fit of homesickness, I attempted to make fiskekaker. In Norway, they are juicy, fishy and cohesive. At my house they fall apart and get stuck to the pan. I fretted and frowned all the way through cooking them, convinced that they were unfit for human consumption - and then fed them to my family. Shockingly, we all survived. OK, so they actually tasted pretty good. Looked awful, but tasted decent. I think I definitely want to try making them again, but will make a few alterations and take a few precautions next time. As this was another Norwegian recipe, and not one that turned out too great, I will refrain from posting the recipe this time. Men hvis du er norsk og veldig lysten på å lage fiskekaker, så finner du oppskriften her.

I still haven't quite decided what to do next week. I need to take into account that I will be gone on an anniversary trip (YAY!) from Friday to Sunday, so it needs to be something I can do away from home without taking up too much time. Any ideas? (I'm just going to keep asking!)

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  1. Fish is tricky. I am sure Nick and Cody loved it just the same! An anuversary trip?! Hmmm Maybe you should spend the whole week doing tasks dedicated to your spouse. To show appreciation or notes of things you love about him! hehe Just a thought.


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