30 days of 29, day 10: 30 things I love about me.

In no specific order:
  1. I have pretty hands. Did you know I have pretty hands?
  2. It's so easy for me to love people.
  3. I am intelligent and love to learn and try new things.
  4. I can find beauty anywhere.
  5. I read great books.
  6. I enjoy my own company.
  7. Pregnancy suits me.
  8. I like being from two different countries and living in a third, and how that has shaped me.
  9. I have absolutely fantastic friends.
  10. I think big thoughts.
  11. I can make things with my hands.
  12. I am a mother. And a good one.
  13. I love to travel, but am perfectly happy to explore new places around the corner, as well as new countries.
  14. I know my own mind and heart, and act on my convictions.
  15. I'm becoming a good cook.
  16. I have nice shoulders. Not a lot of people know that!
  17. I'm a good traveler.
  18. I am surprisingly flexible.
  19. I can do hard things.
  20. I have nice eyes.
  21. I am fluent in two languages, and conversational in three more.
  22. The best man I've ever known wanted to marry me. And did.
  23. I'm pretty handy with a camera.
  24. When I want to, I can write so well that a professor once told me that my paper was the best work she had ever read by a student.
  25. I'm pretty funny.
  26. I'm easy to talk to.
  27. I have good taste.
  28. I have my pretty moments.
  29. I am devoted to my family.
  30. I can make my baby laugh.

This was suggested by Stepper, who said: "Make a tiny hand-made book of thirty pages, with each page listing something you love about yourself. No disclaimers. No apologies. "

While I didn't make the tiny hand-made book, I did make the list, and it was hard. Not because I couldn't think of 30 things I love about myself, but because I felt awkward telling you about them. And no disclaimers or apologies was almost impossible, because I kept wanting to explain to just exactly why I have the audacity to think that I am a good mother or handy with a camera. But nevertheless, that was my list.


  1. You are all those things and surely very more; YOU are easy to love and tremendously pretty, oh yes you are.

  2. A very nice list.

    Glad to hear about the pretty shoulders. :-)


  3. I LOVE IT!

    And I learned new things about you!


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