30 days of 29, day 11: Closet clean-out

One of the keys to getting older is knowing what things to bring with you, and what things are best left behind. A significant portion of my wardrobe has fallen into the latter category (quick, say that 10 times!), and so day 11 of this little endeavor brought about the simultaneously sad and liberating task of cleaning out my closet.

All of the clothes that I bagged up, were ones I bought and wore in my 20s. And a lot of them were such firm favourites that they have survived countless other clean-outs, in spite of the fact that I haven't worn most of them in years. Farewell, brown-sugar frosting tee! Farewell, Banana Republic skirt that always was, and therefore will always be, too short. Farewell, red chinese dress. Farewell shirt with Pucca coin purse stitched to the front. Farewell green checkered housedress that was obviously awesome, although no one else could ever quite see it.

Farewell, girl with the cute and quirky style all of her own.


It just feels a bit like saying goodbye to the girl with the scratch and sniff My Little Pony t-shirt (apple), who would easily drop half a month's food budget on an item of clothing, just because she wanted it. That girl was fun. But perhaps not so responsible or easy to live with?

Which brings me to the liberating part. Holy freaking cannoli, it feels good to no longer have stuff that doesn't fit (in one way or another) glaring at me every time I look for an outfit. How do inanimate objects get to wield such powers and feelings of guilt and inadequacy over a person? Sheesh. But not anymore, friends. I'd like to see you make me feel guilty from the inside of a garbage bag!

(OK, I glanced over at said garbage bag sitting by the foot of the stairs, and they actually still wield a little guilt-inducing mojo from there. Time to go.)

Also, it is lovely to know that my closet is tidy and fairly organized, and that the vast majority of its contents are wearable. I did leave some allowance for the fact that my body is still bouncing back (in slow-motion) from having a baby, so I left some things that don't look so great now, but that will (hopefully!) change over time.

And if not, more clean-out!

PS: don't you feel like I've earned a shopping trip now? I do.


  1. prom last night (such a nightmare of stories to tell!) and my room/wardrobe/everything is just everywhere, its making my head feel cluttered! as soon as I'm recovered I am having a mahoosive clear out!
    p.s- you are still awesome and clothes saavy!


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