30 days of 29, day 12: Nasty food day

Thanks to Erin, I'm feeling a bit queasy. That would be because I just ate some chili cheese fries, a Reeses peanut butter shake and two half donuts.

Why is that Erin's fault, you say? Well, because Erin's project for me was to "try 3 foods you think might be gross that you've never tried before."

So that's what I did tonight.

I started off this project by thinking of three foods that didn't sound like something I would eat, and I came up donuts, a peanut butter shake and chili cheese fries. I've neverevernever had chili cheese fries, and while I have had both shakes and donuts before, I just don't really like them. I picked the peanut butter shake, because 1) I don't like shakes, and 2) I don't like peanut butter and chocolate together. If this astounds and upsets you to your very core, now might be a good time to remind you that I'm Norwegian, yo, and we just don't roll like that.

Also, I'm a bit odd.

Which means that I don't like donuts either.

(Is it OK to admit that so close to the 4th of July?)

Admittedly, it was a little odd to look up all of the local fast food restaurants to peruse their menus for the things that appealed the least to me, but eventually I made my selection and headed off to Sonic's. Sorry, Sonic: you had the chili cheese fries, and the peanut butter shake. I will always love your limeade, though!

The Taste Test

  1. Chili cheese fries Or, as I like to call them, heart burn on a plate. They looked awful, and didn't taste all that great either. However, I could see the appeal if they were made with real cheese, non-soggy fries and chili that didn't come out of an industrial sized can. But until then, no way, Pedro.
  2. Reeses Peanut Butter Shake My first thought was "why on earth would anyone put whipped cream on top of ice cream?" Sick. But then it was actually pretty OK. The Reeses Peanut Butter Cup pieces were crumbled, so you didn't get the thick coating on the roof of your mouth like you do with a regular peanut butter cup (last eaten April 2000), but the shake was still not my fave. Too much, too rich, too same-ish.
  3. The donuts I got a plain glazed one, and one with strawberry filling and chocolate frosting. The chocolate strawberry one was Nast-y. First it somehow managed to be dry and greasy at the same time, then the strawberry stuff turned out to be canned pie filling. And the chocolate frosting wasn't that great either. Bl├╝rg.
    The glazed donut, however, which I have fought valiantly against for the last decade, was pretty good. Not anything I would ever crave or buy for myself, but if you gave me one with a tall glass of milk (which you can give me any time, baby!), I'd eat it. Huh.

In conclusion: Donuts with stuff in or on them and chili cheese fries: No.
Peanut butter shakes and plain glazed donuts: Possibly.

Also, please note: heavens, no, I didn't eat all of it!


  1. you know- your looking quite slender in the above angsty picture!- i love reeces peanut butter cups and donuts! yummy!- the fries thing? not so much!

  2. That goes against everything I know about Norwegian food. (having a Norwegian grandma- Minema) It seemed like every recipe called for a truckload of sugar... then top with sugar.
    I can see why the chili cheese fries would be unappealing. I hate them to the core. Gross atrocities of nature they are. So of course I craved them while pregnant.
    The Glazed doughnut just seems so... Norway! Add some almonds or some cardamom and you're in business!

  3. Oh, I feel like a proud mother! Thank you for taking my suggestion, and especially for tasting the one food for which I have a deep and abiding passion, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Mmmmmm. Also, I agree with Madsta, you are looking quite thin and trim in that picture, if a little bit horrified at the prospects of what you are about to do! This project is so fun, I might replicate it before I turn 30 (with permission, etc.)! Love you!

  4. Love your project idea as I'm approaching my 30th in September, eek. I'm not a big donut fan either, and even though I love Reese's...that shake doesn't sound like a good one.

  5. okayokay - I get that the squishy, airy donuts are lame. And I agree.

    But cake donuts?

    Especially the cocolate ones with the white frosting and the coconut?

    Are those up for consideration? Because, seriously. I wish I didn't like those, but it's just impossible.

    I luff that picture. And you're brave to try chili cheese fries PERIOD. Those things give me nightmares.

    I'm digging this days of 30 project, by the by.

  6. I think it's great that you tried food that you thought you'd hate - my husband makes things that sound icky sometimes but I often end up loving them :)

  7. Something IS wrong with you, yo! You don't like donuts?!! You don't like chocolate and PB together? OMG. You are WRONG!!


    You should've eaten a Bavarian cream donut, though. That chocolate-strawberry one sound like The Ick.


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