Spending Hiatus: Week 4 update

We will get to the spending hiatus in a minute, but first a few housekeeping items:
  1. First of all, welcome new readers! It has been really fun to read your comments and to hop over to your blogs and get to you know you a bit better. And to those of you, new or old readers, who haven't left a comment - I'm happy you're here too! Whenever I feel like my blog is just a bit of silliness that no one reads, Statcounter tells me otherwise. Apparently visitors to my blog come from 22 different countries around the world and average around 500 hits every month. So thank you for reading!

  2. And of course, thank you so much to everyone who follows my blog on a regular basis. You may mostly be related to me (Hello Mumsy!) or a close friend or neighbour, but that only means I value your good opinion all the more.

  3. Friday kicks off the start of 30 days of 29, and I will be attempting to post daily for the following month, so check back often for more of my shenanigans (there will be shenanigans - I promise).

  4. Finally, thank you all SO much for your project suggestions. I will try to do as many of them as possible. And please keep suggesting them! There are a few of you that I was hoping to hear from that haven't suggested anything yet - you know who you are!

And back to the spending hiatus:

This week marks the halfway point! We're doing pretty well, and are on our way to meeting some of our financial goals, so I'm happy about that. I am, however, eagerly anticipating the day that Nick and I can get a baby sitter and go out on a date on our own again. It has been so nice to spend some evenings together at home, but sometimes a girl's just got to wipe off the spit-up and get out of the house, y'know?

Where we saved

  • Nick's work has been super generous and taken him out to lunch three times this week! Nick was obviously pleased about that, seeing as he got to go out to eat, which is always nice, and I was happy that he didn't have to eat his boring little work lunch. And an added bonus (besides the money saved) is that we can use the lunches we had planned for last week, this week.

  • We're continuing to find smart ways to cook. This week we planned three meals that all used some of the same ingredients. We had tacos on Monday night, and then used some of the tomatoes and lettuce to make buffalo chicken and gorgonzola ranch wraps the following day. We had an extra tomato and the head of lettuce was still going strong on the third day, so we made a side salad to go with the last of our frozen home-made lasagna. While of course we had most of the ingredients on hand already, three meals from three tomatoes and a head of lettuce really isn't too bad!

Where we didn't

  • This was really a pretty successful week in terms of keeping our spending in check. However, we did end up buying Espen a new baby gym, seeing as he had begun taking genuine, heartfelt delight in kicking his old to pieces. After reassembling it three times in 10 minutes, it seemed like time to get a new and indestructible one. So we did. And it was on sale.

Halfway, people!

Image here.


  1. Well done tamsin- I would never stick to it! I do love this blog- though we havent had a picture of the ever adorable Espen for a while.
    I like to think you wanted to hear from me, I did email you a suggestion, so mine is that you watch All of the harry potter movies, just for me!

  2. Trying to save money is difficult! My hubby and I both bring our lunches to work trying to save money... which can get a bit boring, but is going okay. I like to buy pita bread and Hummus for quick work lunches - one day it's veggies and dip, the next day it's pita sandwiches with hummus instead of mayonnaise, and the pitas make a great Peanut Butter Sandwich too.

    Good luck with your experiment!

  3. You are inspiring on the meal front. I soooo need to to better. I'm usually collapsing through the door after work, saying, "I'm tired/wired and I don't want to cook!"

    My children/husband look at me with starving eyes, and so I flump to the fridge where I pull something random out, put it on a plate, pour ketsup/soy sauce on it, and call it dinner.

    Poor, poor husband/children.

    It has been far too long since I've been by your blog! Lots of stuff to catch up on! Fun for me!

    and, as always, I'd be happy to watch Sprinkle!

  4. this is so great! Shucks, we need to go on a spending hiatus! Really enjoy reading your blog!


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