30 days of 29, day 4: Twitter

Because I've failed time and time again to see what the appeal is, and because bandwagons seem best jumped on before the age of 30, I created a Twitter account, and spent much of yesterday playing with and trying to make up my mind about it.

A few thoughts in no particular order:

  • I kept getting the "Twitter is over capacity" message again and again and again. While their error message screen is endlessly adorable, it seems like they might want to do something about that. Not very impressive to a girl who is just trying to set up her account.

  • How is this different from updating your Facebook status? And why would you need to repost your tweets to Facebook? How much does the world actually need to hear from you?

  • Oh great, now I feel shy. It's kind of scary sending your words out there without knowing who's going to read them... not sure how that is different to blogging.

  • Retweeting is pretty cool though. This way I can be funny and cool by association. Stephen Fry and Stephen Colbert can do all the work for me. Are men named Stephen funnier?

  • OK, I do like that I can post links to interesting/pretty/cool/amazing stuff that I find elsewhere. I sometimes want to do that here on my blog, but it doesn't really fit the format I'm going with here. So, if you do decide to follow me, expect to be introduced to some rather spiffy Indonesian pop music and lots of pretty design stuff.

So, bandwagon jumped upon. Skepticism maintained. We will see.


  1. The Twitter issues will die down after the World Cup is over. They didn't anticipate the volume of World Cup Tweets well and are struggling to deal with that. It's frustrating, I know!

  2. I like Facebook way better than twitter. Simply for the fact you can leave comments- unlike the @ thing, which I don't get. I also can't retweet, add a picture, or a link to save my life. So while I have a twitter acct- it's mostly for the stubborn people in my life that ONLY use twitter, and I just want to make sure they're all still alive, via twitter.

  3. I used to hate Twitter too, even Facebook at some point! That is until I figured out its way of connecting my friends, 5000 miles away, directly to my cell phone! I use it like I would a text...no Facebook requests or apps to comb through! Therefore, I have submitted to and officially embraced the Twitter world!

  4. TopHat, hopefully, because that was really annoying! How's the baby?

    Craftyashley, I'm still a bit nonplussed by Twitter, and sort of fail to see what it can do that Facebook can't, but we'll see if it grows on me.

    Tessalulale, that is exactly why I like Facebook. It keeps me in contact with on the other side of the world - like you :) Now will you let me follow you?


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