30 days of 29, day 5: Contacting an old friend.

During my first years at BYU, I had a roommate and good friend named Mariana. "Good friend" seems kind of like an understatement. Mariana was from Argentina, I was from Norway, we were both thousands of miles from our homes and families, and so we "got" each other in ways that not a lot of other people could. I'm trying to think of how to best describe our friendship, but I'm just not coming up with the right words to do it justice, so I think I will give that honor to Mariana.

This is from an email she wrote to me in 2001:

"Maybe, for others it sounds crazy, but we sleep in the balcony and stay up until four in the morning if we can...we get into car wrecks at two thirty in the morning, and wear blond and long wigs so we can look cool...yeah, we are crazy, but we live our lives, we take all the marrow of life we can get. We give our hearts to our friends, and I make up poems and songs, and you make up new worlds when you paint. We are tremendously irresponsible when it comes to some things, but people love to be around us. We go to the canyon when no one else does...and the best of all...we happened to found each other. I'm glad for that chance, and for all the fun we had, and that we'll still have writing or calling each other. Yeah, who else would drop babies at their friends' house just for the heck of it? We've lost our minds!"

(Let me briefly clarify that no real babies were involved in our antics. Just so you know.)

Unfortunately, Mariana ended up having to cut her studies short and go home to Argentina for personal reasons, and so I haven't seen her for almost nine years. We emailed regularly at first, then life got in the way, and fast forward until 2010 and we are completely out of touch.

So last night, for my project, I sent her an email to see how she is doing. It's kind of a long shot, because I don't even know if she has the same email address anymore, but it's the only one I have. I haven't heard back from her yet, but I'm hoping that I will. I've spent the past little while reading through some of our old emails, and the more I do, the more I feel like this is a friendship worth making some effort for.

So hopefully I'll hear back from Mariana, so I don't have to find some brilliant way of stalking people in Argentina until find her. Creepy.

This post doesn't have any photos because we just didn't really have digital cameras back in the early 2000s. Jeepers!


  1. awwwwww, thats lovely! i hope you find her!

  2. Me too! My advice to the young: keep an updated address book.


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