30 days of 29, day 15: Ghana vs. Uruguay

To call me a sports fan would be a bit like calling a goldfish ambidextrous - it just doesn't make sense.

Sure, I care about "my" team winning, especially if BYU is playing the U, England is playing Germany or Norway is playing anyone at all, but not really enough to involve myself on much more than a "that's nice" sort of level.

So me getting all into the World Cup this year was a little surprising, but not nearly as surprising as me deciding to watch the Ghana vs. Uruguay match all by my little self.

Photoknitdog suggested that I watch something on TV that I'd never been interested in before, so a football* match between two countries that I've never visited and have very little connection to seemed to fit the description.

Here's the thing, though: I got really into it. I mean really into it. Nail-bitingly, TV-shoutingly, child-neglectingly ("you can take a nap at half-time, baby") into it.

I think I briefly became Ghanaian.

I even started tweeting about it:

And then, of course, Facebook had to know all about it too:

To be fair to my firmly established, non-football loving ways: it was a really, really exciting match with lots of really tense moments, so it's not too surprising that I got sucked in. Or really disappointed when my (by then) beloved Ghana lost at the very last penalty kick.

Am I a born-again footfall ban? Nope.

Would I watch another football match? Probably.

Will I watch the World Cup Final? Probably not.

*Please note that when I say "football," I am referring to the game where you primarily and frequently kick the ball with your feet. Not the other one where you mostly carry it around. Also, a "match" is what most Americans would refer to as a "game", not a small, combustible device for creating fire.


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