30 days of 29, day 21: Painting a picture

There was a time when I was quite the prolific little artiste, and would pull out my paint brushes or sketchbook at the drop of a hat (who doesn't want to paint dropped hats?). I never took any classes, but enjoyed art for art's sake.

Fast forward to when I studied Art History in college. I spent years studying, thinking about and viewing some of the most beautiful, exquisite, expressive works of art ever created. There aren't really words to express how I feel about certain works of art, but there are a few pieces that make my heart feel like it's going to burst just from thinking about them. I might not talk about it a lot, but art is something I am fiercely passionate about.

Which is why I stopped doing it myself.

Having spent years studying Great Art, I have become pretty adept at spotting hooey. And hooey is what I see stuffed in the back of the guest room closet in an embarrassing heap. How can I possibly even think about picking up a paint brush when I have seen a Caravaggio? Or a Vermeer? Or a Rothko?

I know, I know. I've got to silence my inner critic and be my own rainbow and all of that good stuff. Which is what I tried to do last night, when I pulled out my water colours for the First Time in Seven Years and did the quick little study you can see in the picture.

I had to force myself to move quickly and not worry about being perfect, so I wouldn't die of shame and intimidation, but I got there in the end.

Of course everything is wrong with it. The perspective is a bit funky on the roof, the colours are off, the shading is iffy at best, my brushwork is sloppy... I could go on. But guess what?

I'm kind of happy with it. Happy I did it, pleased that it's not too awful for a first attempt, and delighted at how good it felt to immerse myself in painting again.

Maybe I won't wait so long until next time.


  1. You ARE too hard on yourself!! I like it. I think it's excellent. Bravo to you for jumping back in there!

  2. its great! you are too critical, that should go somewhere!- espens room?! i took art for GCSE, i had to paint for 10 hours straight!

  3. You should paint something for us to hang in our house because you do amazing compared to us! I like it! Besides, how do u expect to get better of u dont practice?! Bravo for trying again!

  4. How great a drawing that is, you did a great job on it..

  5. That's great that you're painting again!

  6. I only wish I had what you call your "basic skills." I dream of being the artist, but I lack so much.

  7. You call that basic artistic skill, the lighthouse that you did looks truly amazing. It is a lighthouse right?

  8. You are all so kind, thank you! :)

    And Tess, point taken :)

  9. We all like it so much. Perhaps you should make another painting and do a blog giveaway?


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