30 days of 29, day 20: Memorizing the US State Capitals

My friend Caren (whose blog you are going to love, just as soon as she creates it) suggested that I learn the 50 state capitals. Which, considering I've lived in this country for over a decade now, seemed like a reasonable request. So, tonight that is what I did.

So I got out the old atlas and started looking up all the states, one by one. Wait, no, I didn't. I went to google, and found this United States Capital Map Quiz.

Question 1: Trenton is the capital of...?

Answer: Trenton? Where the blimming heck is Trenton? I'm pretty sure they made that one up.

Question 2: Lansing is the capital of...?

Answer: *Muffled sobs*

All in all, I got 85% on my first attempt, in spite of my sure conviction that Montgomery is the capital of Maine. So I tried again. And again. And again. Finally, on my 8th attempt, I got 100%.

At which point it was time to make sure I was actually learning the capitals, and not just how to beat the game, so I tried my hand at this quiz, which gives you a map and 10 minutes to type in as many state capitals as you can remember. I came up with 46. Sorry, Jefferson City, Madison and Richmond. And kind of sorry, Minneapolis/St. Paul. The first quiz said that Minneapolis was the capital of Minnesota, the second one said it was St. Paul.
Get your facts straight, internet!

So, does this make up for my dislike of Reese's peanut butter cups, milk shakes and donuts, America?

More to the point, what did you score?


  1. Most Americans might get 30%.



  2. I am happy to report that this Canadian got 95% the first time through the map quiz...but that comes from raising children in the US and having them take Honors US History and AP US History in High School and me being their quiz-master.


    Because I am American.

    And I am exercising my right to ignorance.

    Actually, this post gave me wicked flashbacks to my Jr. High History class with Evil Mrs. W. wherein we had to memorize all the states and their capitols - then promptly moved on to memorize every single country in the entire world AND THEIR CAPITOL CITIES.

    Never again.

    You are a brave soul, Tamsin.

    Such a brave soul.

  4. I memorized them the capital cities in 5th grade. I still remember them. That's why, when I teach 5th grade, I always give my students capital city tests, as well as where the states are located. Seems like with all the other knowledge there is out there to learn, we might as well learn about the place we live too.

    But if you ever want to be a smart aleck (because who doesn't) then when asked the capitals of all the states, proceed by giving them the capital letters.

    Ex. Alaska--A
    Indiana--I (even though this is a painfully obvious answer anyway)

    Your next challenge? Which 4 states have capitals whose names begin with the same letter as the state itself?


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