News flashie flash!

OK, friends, I am still alive and still projecting up a storm. But not so much with the blogging, seeing as I had a crazy couple of days followed by a loverly three-day weekend in SUNNY St. George.

I can report:

  • Family.
  • BBQ-ing.
  • A swimming-loving baby.
  • Board games.
  • A mama sleeping in three days in a row - thanks, Nick!
  • Jiu jitsu choke holds.
  • A real live date with Nick in a movie theatre with no baby!
  • Book reading.
  • Video games.
  • Strawberry short cake.
  • Water melon.
  • Naps.


I will start some insane-o blog catching up just as soon as I get home and don't have to contend with borrowed laptops or the inability to post pictures. I'm a Mac, my in-laws are PCs. Please note that the projects will be posted in the order I did them, so you might have to scroll back a bit to get caught up. But you, my friend, are all over that.


  1. how lovely! im working on my laptop situation- soon! i hope we get to read all about it soon! safe journey!


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