30 days of 29: A summary

The presents have been opened, the cake is almost all gone and I've cleaned up after the party, so it's looking a lot like I'm just plain old me, aged 30. For those of you also approaching this monumental birthday, let me reassure you that it feels a whole lot like 29. I checked closely, and no new wrinkles or gray hair appeared overnight. I did, however, gain some really cute toes, thanks to my pre-birthday pedicure, so all in all, if you have not already done so, I highly recommend that you have this birthday yourself.

What I can also recommend is taking on a project like unto my 30 days of 29, because it was really fun! And challenging and rewarding and fulfilling and difficult. It would absolutely knacker me to keep up this pace long term, but for a month it was perfect. And I hope you've enjoyed it too!

It would be extremely ungracious of me if I didn't thank all of you for your participation in my own personal month of fun and self-indulgence. I couldn't have come up with half the things I did without your suggestions, and your comments and feedback are honestly a huge part of what keeps me writing. So, thank you! Really, really, thank you.

I got over 60 suggestions for the project, and just didn't have time to do all of them within the scope of this project, no matter how much I wanted to. So please don't be disappointed if I didn't get to your suggestion! I really loved a lot of the ideas that were just too big to fit into one day, so I will revisit some of them in the form of bigger projects down the road. I might get to yours yet!

I'm going to be taking a little bit of a respite from my frenetic blogging pace of the last month, but expect to be back over the weekend, with another project in the works.

Until then, let me throw yet another link to the 30 days of 29, The Complete Works Of, at you so you can spend many a merry hour getting caught up on my exploits.

Or something.


  1. You didn't just have to thank me- though I know, I'm very helpful, don't think now your 30 you can take big chunks of time off- though you can have a few day's I s'pose! I still think you should have watched all the harry potter films back to back, but I guess it can wait- oh, and you said knackered!- your still english!

  2. Well poo!!! I missed doing 51 of 50 by several days. I don't have that much energy anyway!


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