30 days of 29, day 25: Top 20 Best Moments of my 20s.

These are only a few of the strong and the proud, but I think I picked some good ones:

In order of occurrence:

  1. Seeing Niagara Falls in December with Caren, and having our eyelashes freeze from the spray.
  2. Receiving my endowment in the Timpanogos temple.
  3. Standing on stage in front of an audience of 20,000 people every night for two weeks with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir behind me, during the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City.
  4. The Peach Palace years.
  5. Hiking to the top of Prekestolen.
  6. Realizing I was in love with Nick.
  7. Being proposed to, and being so happy to be asked, I said "yes" twice :)
  8. Our marriage and wedding day.
  9. Our honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains. A moment can last for a week, right?
  10. Running away to Paris with Nick.
  11. Getting the keys to, and then spending the night camped on the floor in our very own first home.
  12. Taking my parents to see the Grand Canyon in December. Rushing around in the snow, absolutely awestruck at the beauty of that giant hole in the ground.
  13. Finding out, and then telling Nick, that I was pregnant.
  14. Taking my last exam at BYU, and knowing that I was finally done.
  15. Hearing Espen's heartbeat for the first time and feeling him move.
  16. Seeing my best Erin get married to a good man who loves her so much.
  17. Meeting my son.
  18. Seeing Nick as a father.
  19. Seeing Espen's first, unmistakable smile.
  20. Introducing my parents to their first grand child.


  1. Then tamsin, you appear to have had a tremendously wonderful 20's! you have accomplished so much! this is the kind of list I want to have to look back on at 30!


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