The 52 Week Organized Home Challenge

Because I seem to have developed a severe case of overachiever-itis, I have also signed up for this series of weekly challenges:

52 Week Organized Home Challenge
(Thanks, Janey!)

Every week they email you a an assignment for a different area to clean and organize, along with a guide for how to do it. I got the first one yesterday, and so hopefully by the end of the week I will have clean and organized kitchen countertops and sink! You can read about the first week here

What I like about it is that it seems like each challenge is pretty reasonable, and something that you could definitely do in a week, if not an afternoon. It's hard for to take on huge projects because 1) I tend to get overwhelmed easily, and 2) with Espen around, my time is not usually my own. I mean, those trains aren't going to drive themselves! But a weekly chunk is something I can handle, so I am feeling pretty optimistic about it. 

And even if I fall off the wagon and daily miserably, at least I will have gotten clean counters out of it. I can't lose! 


Over to other things, how are my drinking buddies doing? It's taking some effort on my part to drink my 60 oz. of water, but it's not as hard as I thought. Remembering is the hard part! I think it just needs to become a habit first. It turns out that our tall drinking glasses hold 16 oz. if you fill them to the brim, so four glasses of water equals 64 oz! I just assume that by not filling my glass quite to the brim, I'm still getting at least my 60 oz., so I'm golden. For some reason, four tall glasses of water seems much more manageable than eight cups or even two HUGE cups. 

So, my pro-tip for today is to measure your everyday glasses and see how many you need to drink in a day. 

Other than that, I can't say I've noticed a lot of health benefits in the last two days (gosh!), but I have definitely noticed an increase in trips to the bathroom. TMI? Well, you try this out and see what your bladder thinks! 

How are your New Year's Resolutions coming? 


  1. I might just have to check out the home organization thing ... I love to organize. Pathetic, I know. So I'm a huge water drinker. Huge. I make immense amounts of trips to the bathroom. It's ridiculous. However, if I don't drink much water I notice a LOT of difference. So keep drinking ... I'm sure you'll notice soon!! I'm proud of you! Can you think of something fabulous for me to start eating healthier? I need some hints on that. I'll keep checking back. No pressure to come up with something :)!

  2. I love to organize, too! Thanks for the tip.

    Over the summer I tried the water thing, to drink a full glass with each meal and snack - and I felt less hungry, which was great. But yes, the bathroom trips totally increase. Not a bad thing though, it just flushes the system out, right??? :)

  3. You come up with the best ideas and I always want to copy you. (Flattery is the highest form of imitation--or whatever.) I'm going to have to check out the home organization challenge. But I'll refrain from blogging about it. If I can. Unless I miraculously change my slovenly ways forever. Then I'll, of course, have to blog about it.

    Good job on the hydrating!

  4. This looks like a great idea and similar to my own goals. I'll be sure to keep up with your progress!


  5. Good luck with the organizing. I love de-cluttering. It makes our space so much nicer.

  6. I'm doing well with the water thing! I've tried this before and always like how it makes me feel, so it was nice to get a little push to do it again! I've noticed that I'm less hungry and I definitely pee more! Also, I tend to get this afternoon slump where I get all tired, and that's when I usually reach for some chocolate or a diet coke, but when I drink water instead, it helps pick me up, too! I'm excited for next weeks health challenge!

  7. My uptake of water intake is slow. But I do have a liter sitting next to me now. I agree that the hardest part is just remembering to do it.

  8. I am going to have to try the home organization thing out especially if this week is about kitchen counters. Mine is always a mess. And one of my new years resolutions is to clean it and keep it clean.

    I've been doing pretty good on the water challenge. I'm a little behind today. But I have some time to catch up:0)

  9. Don't thank me, thank Pinterest!

    I am doing an organization thing, too. The book "Organized Simplicity" has a 10 day plan--mine will most likely be spread out to 30 days or so.

  10. You just have the best ideas i so need to be inn this challenge.. so i am inn..


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