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Just wanted to briefly stop in and tell you that I did in fact make it to the gym last night, and am now halfway to my twice-a-week goal. Yay! I felt a little uncomf walking into the gym in my very functional (not cute) workout clothes. I haven't been to the gym in almost three years (The shame! The shame!) and felt very self-conscious as I got on my treadmill and started a brisk walk. But I stayed on that treadmill for 20 minutes, and then followed it up with another 20 minutes on the exercise bikes. I'm happy with that for a start.

One thing that really helped my workout along was listening to music. I listened to Pandora on my phone, and couldn't stop grinning like a maniac at their 80's Cardio Radio channel. For your own workout enjoyment, I bring you a playlist of what I worked out to last night:

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Such a happy little bunch of songs! I seriously laughed out loud (I am now the official gym weirdo)when it started playing "Mickey. Do you like working out to music? What keeps you moving?


  1. OMG! EVERYBODY DANCE NOW! It's going to be in my head ALL NIGHT! :-P

    I'm pretty sure, I had a "Jock Jams" cd with that song on it back in the early 90's. :-D

  2. well done! thats so good! ha I used to go to the gym but I think I prefer classes- I think maybe you should invest in some cute and functional workout clothes to make you feel better about going in!

  3. I LOVE me some 80's music! You rock, Tamsin! :)


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