New Year's Resolutions 2012

I love January 1st. The whole year is ahead of us, stuffed to the gills (provided a year has gills, natch) with promise, potential and experiences to be had. This year could hold anything! One of my favorite things about all this newness and potential is to think about the marks that I'd like to make on my own year. Changes I'd like to make, things I'd like to accomplish, places I'd like to see.

I am a big believer in New Year's Resolutions. Now, I know there are those who say that they're stupid, and that you can make changes in your life whenever you want to, and don't need to wait for some designated day on the calendar to start. To them (whoever they are) I say: Sure! But I'd rather take advantage of the excitement and motivation that I feel right now, than wait around for the fancy to strike another time. And so what if my resolve only lasts a few months/days/weeks? At least then I will have accomplished some good during that time, right?

In 2012 I resolve to
  1. Be kinder to my health and my body. (More about that tomorrow!)
  2. Take more responsibility and feel less guilt. 
  3. Take family pictures. 
  4. Attend an evening class. 
  5. Take Espen on adventures. 
  6. Better nourish my soul. 
  7. Visit my family in Norway. 
  8. Write more letters. 
  9. Paint our bedroom. 
  10. Show Nick I love him. 
How about you? 

Image borrowed here. Thank you, Yale!


  1. I enjoy the excitement that the new year brings to goals. I am no hater of New Year's resolutions!!

    In what ways will you be nourishing your soul? Love that one. And have you chosen a color for your bedroom yet?

  2. I do love new year resolutions. I usually make mine themed even though I rarely follow them. I made mine all knitting related this year though so I have motivation. It will be a really eventful year for me and I will need to lean heavily on my knitting to keep me sane.

    I love your family picture resolution and painting a bedroom is exciting.


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