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Well, week one of my little health challenge is behind us, and I'm going to say "so far, so good!" I more than met my goal of drinking 60 oz. of water for the first four days, and really liked it. Then Espen got sick and the weekend hit, and all of my attention was just sucked into taking care of my little boy. I know I didn't make it to my goal one day, and the two others were so busy that I'm not even entirely sure what I had to eat or drink. I'm paying for my negligence now though, as my throat started feeling sore yesterday. Is it especially hard for mothers to learn the importance of first taking care of their own needs before they can help anyone else?

A few thoughts on drinking more water:

  • I didn't really notice much of a difference until I stopped, when I became aware of a faint, dull headache that just kind of lurks behind my forehead. It goes away with a glass of water! 
  • Going to the bathroom more often is kind of annoying. 
  • On the upside, after about three days I developed the ability to stealth-pee. Completely clear, you guys! (OK, that was almost definitely too much information.)
  • Drinking water makes me feel less snacky. Not that it has necessarily helped me to snack less, but it has made me realize that a lot of the time the food cravings I feel are mostly in my mind. 
  • Discovering that our tall drinking glasses each held 1/4 of my daily intake was really helpful. I could just tell myself that I drank one glass with lunch, one with dinner and two more in between. Drinking two of my big water bottle felt a little daunting, and I only have one of it, which makes things a little trickier if it was in the dish washer. 
  • Speaking of dishes, things also got tricky if all the tall glasses were dirty. 
  • I need to do my dishes more often. 

I'm definitely a fan of drinking more water, and will be keeping it up. I'm not sure if I was just caught up in the euphoria of a new project, but I have to say I felt pretty good last week. A little more energized and a little more clear-minded. I'll take it. 

If you're following along, how did you do? Did you notice a difference in how you felt? Will you be keeping it up? 

PS: I came across this blogpost that talks about the advantages of drinking lemon water every morning. I haven't had a chance to research this much on my own, but it certainly gives you a few things to think about, right? 

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  1. I know that I don't drink nearly enough water, but there's just something about the water here that I don't like. The taste of it seems off. I don't like the way water tastes in general (it tastes like nothing, I know) but the water here is just blahhhh. I love flavored water, however, I'm just too cheap to buy it. I need to start upping my water, since I am an athlete (who can barely remember a water bottle to take to the gym, shame shame).

  2. I've always loved drinking water, so It's normally okay for me- also my mum always drinks water with lemon, and whilst she does a lot of other stuff, she's pretty healthy, so it's probably good for you :)

  3. I'm going to have to do the smaller glass thing. Whenever I get a headache, the first thing I reach for is a glass of water; 9 times out of 10 it takes care of it! I am doing fair on drinking more water, but just thinking about this challenge is helping me drink more. Thanks!

  4. I am still folowing you and i am to getting better at drinking water, not as good as i should be doing but better..


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