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I'm here, I'm here! A little behind schedule, but it's a three-day weekend, so I'm cutting myself a nice big length of slack. Americans, do you have the day off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? Do you commemorate the day? We didn't really do much (sadly), but Espen's library book ties in quite nicely for the occasion. 

For the third week of my small steps challenge, I will be eating a piece of fresh fruit every day. At least. It's kind of silly that I need to make this a specific goal, because not only do I know how good for you it is, I also love it. In fact, the only pregnancy cravings I ever had were for fruit. Some women crave raw hamburger and heavy cream, I could not get enough strawberries and fruit smoothies. Weird. 

As usual, I'm not going to lecture you why this is good for you and your body. But I will point you to some helpful reading herehere and here. The second one is especially helpful. 

And here I am two years later, needing to make a goal to eat fruit. Like I said, it's not that I don't love fruit or recognize how crazy-good it is for you, I'm just not all that great at eating it. Here are a few of my problems with eating fruit: 
  1. I like it best when it's freshy fresh and lose interest after it has spent a few days in our kitchen. 
  2. Fruit often requires a bit more effort (washing, peeling, cutting), and I am a lazy lazy girl. 
  3. Both of these often lead to less-than-appealing fruit that sits around and eventually gets thrown out at out house. Knowing we often waste it discourages us from buying more. 
But the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables are so immense that I just need to make an attempt to step it up. Not that long ago the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables was five. Remember the 5 A Day campaign? (Or Fem om dagen for you Norwegians?) Well, these days* that recommendation is nine.  So it's time to get chomping, friends! Who's with me? If you're already an impressive nosher of fruit, maybe try adding another serving to get you even closer to that magical number nine. And if you're already at nine, can you tell us how you do it?

*OK, this "new" recommendation came in 2005, so it's not exactly cutting edge. But it was news to me!
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  1. Denne blir jeg med på selvom både Bianca og Joy er flinke til å spise frukt så klarer ikke jeg og henge med: Tror jeg skal kutte opp og legge ferdig i kjøleskapet i plastbokser. Da er det litt lettere å gå til. Har dessuten blitt ganske flink til å presse meg frisk appelsinjuce. I barnehagen pleide de og spise frukt hverdag klokka tre, så kansje du og Espen kan kose dere sammen. Det er jo gøy å prøve litt forskjellig slags frukt også :)

  2. Ja frukt er godt.. glede må handle litt frisk frukt i morgen :-)

    Ha en god frukt uke..

  3. I have a suggestion that may just rock your world.

    When grapes go on sale, buy in bulk (price match at Walmart!). Wash and separate into lots of freezer ziplock baggies.


    Frozen grapes are a favorite snuggling on the couch with a movie snack around here. They are sweet and cold and GOOD.

    Not fresh, but easy and instant fruit. :)


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